FB471 wool spinning fly frame

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The FB471 wool spinning roving frame is our company the domestic origination which develops especially in view of the wool spinning profession uses the computer to control hangs the spindle fly frame high speed, is suitable in completes the stable in the 80-200mm wool, the hemp, the chemical fiber and so on to spin or the fabric blending purely. The FB471 wool spinning roving frame is in our company major product—cotton spinning high speed fly frame’s foundation, carries on special purpose fly frame new product which various promotion transformation becomes: the draft form uses three roller double leather ring draft, the draft is big, the draft speed is high, satisfies the wool spinning the special drafts request; the optimization design new differential mechanism, the change transmission stressful condition, increased the design manufacture precision, the solution vibrates in a big way, elevates, the oil leak to be serious warm, the bearing easy to damage technical difficult problem; the improvement front transmission system and the front rack construction, realizes the micro vibration to reel thread high speed; users the wool spinning special-purpose electrically controlled system, improved the operation procedure, increase the control precision, this type about face original old style wool spinning fly frame output has been low, the quality is bad. The service maintenance requires a lot of work the time-consuming many shortcomings, the output enhances above three times, the strip does. The automaticity is high. Simplicity of operator, services conveniently, depth wool spinning customer high praise.    

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