JA11 GF air jet loom

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JA11 glass fiber air jet loom is designed for weaving glass fiber fabric, suitable weaving varnished cloth, laminated fabric etc. which are based on the primary material of glass fabric. This loom suitable weaving light, middle, heavy fabric, can weaving light glass fabric blew 50g/㎡,also can weaving heavy glass fabric above 300g/㎡.with the feature of small weft abrasion, large output, good quality, stable operation, low noise, so it is have a good price advantage for user. JA11 glass fiber air jet loom with crank shedding ,also can with cam shedding,4-8 shafts; with the combined of single nozzle, main and auxiliary nozzle and profile reed, solenoid valve control weft insertion; four-lever beating-up mechanism; full automatic continuous positive double backrest electronic let-off; mechanical take up; separating out machine take-up, with independent servo-drive, automatic control tension, the biggest diameter of take up can reach 1000mm,mechanical cutter, photoelectric weft feeler device; strong absorption of the device effectively to attract the textile fiver which the loom work produces, Guarantee workers' physical and mental health.

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