JA91 air jet loom

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JA91 190~360 Air Jet Loom JA91 series Air Jet Loom is new generation of Qingdao Tianyi Red Flag, the company is well-developed after years of efforts made, its performance can be the first of today's international loom comparable. More reasonable frame and warp tension control system enables high-speed heavy woven fabric more stable weft insertion system more energy efficient. JA91 series air jet loom will be its superior performance to lead the Chinese manufacturing industry looms for the textile industry to bring the most ideal weaving equipment. 1、New super-stable rack New rack connections increased rigidity, reducing rack deformation during operation, and enhance the stability of the whole operation is more suitable for high-speed heavy. 2、More support balanced beating Sley with a power balance arm structure, increasing the beating force is reduced while the maximum level of vibration generated by beating, is to improve the performance of the important part of high speed weaving. 3、Overlapping Taub board structure Changes need to be changed in the weaving varieties width, the structure can be easily adjusted on the right side brace, brace avoid truncation or replace cloth. 4、New rear spar structure Achieve External easing drive, to facilitate the adjustment and maintenance; About through the tension sensing axis warp tension accurately transmitted to the tension control system; shortened tension Liang length, to prevent weaving heavy fabrics caused by bending of the width direction of the warp tension difference.

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